Wow, it's Thanksgiving, or it was yesterday.  Officially, it's Black Friday, but we avoided the stores, other than the grocery store.  

We had ourselves a little stay-cation for Thanksgiving, took the namesake (that would be the little red guy on his bed below, if you haven't heard the story already) and went downtown.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Hotel Lucia, on Broadway.  It's a nice boutique hotel.  And this morning was the Macy's parade, right down the street in front of the hotel.  We could see it from our room windows.  

2015-11-27 09.38.58.jpg

I want one of these poinsettia umbrellas!

All in all, a very relaxed holiday.  And the doggie was well behaved, once he got used to things.

We've been busy since the last event.  Lots of test firings with some new techniques, and many ready to go into firing.  This is what's in the kiln right now, one item of which my neighbor Angie will be very happy to see:

Angie, yours is the top right one.  Once it's done fire polishing, it's all yours!  Should be tomorrow sometime.  If you'll be out and about, hit me up at the below event

We'll be at Hillsboro Holly Days tomorrow, from 1-6.  Come see live reindeer, Santa, the tree lighting, and all sorts of fun things to see, eat, drink and do in downtown Hillsboro tomorrow. 

Our last event of the season will be next weekend at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Holiday Market, Sunday, December 6th.  If you can't make it to downtown Hillsboro tomorrow, come out to Cornelius Pass next weekend and say hi!!

After this event we'll be traveling for Christmas, but otherwise busy in the studio creating, and posting new items to the website, and we can always be reached by email or phone/text.  Don't forget about the items available at Walters Cultural Arts Center, and keep an eye out for other venues soon!

Happy Holidays!