It's nearly December ??

Hard to believe, but true.  Almost Thanksgiving, almost December 1st.  Time sure does fly.  Kiln's firing away, pieces ready to go into it when the piece in it is done, and on and on.  I've been posting more to the business Facebook page more so than here lately (, but eventually all will be integrated.  And sold pieces will be noted so there isn't any overlap.  A piece that I just posted that went into the kiln yesterday is done, and it's pretty fascinating.  A new series has been born!!  Here's how it looked when it went into the kiln:

And here's how it looked today, when I pulled it out after a 25 hour cycle:

Jack, the shop guru, has given it a name.  I'll put that up with the photo.  Or you can see it in person.  It will be with us tomorrow at our next event.

Speaking of events, we've got a busy few weeks coming up.  Tomorrow we can be found at the Grout Elementary Holiday Bazaar, 9-3, 3119 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland. 

There's also a silent auction, where I've donated a piece.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we'll be at the Hillsboro Holly Days Festival in downtown Hillsboro.  More info to come on that one.  And on Sunday, December 6th, we'll be at the Cornelius Pass Holiday Event.  Just got the final details on that today.  We're very excited about that!

We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events.  Here is a current look into our outdoor studio, while I'm getting another piece ready for firing:

Note my nerdy glasses.  I  needed a break from  my contacts for the day.  And this is the piece in the kiln right now:

Oopsie, got the water bottle in the back :). We've got stuff stored everywhere in the studio.  This kiln gives off zero heat when firing so it's easy for things to migrate back close to it.

So long for now!!