Custom Created Glass and Art Designs


Here are some links that I use frequently, or to some content that you might find useful.

Here are some links that I visit frequently, or find useful.  Check them out!

Bullseye Glass Company:        

Click on this link to sign up for their online education - it's TOTALLY worth the cost - right now $45.  So much education for a small price.  You can learn about so many different things - look it up.  OR, you can click on the image below:

Oregon Glass Guild:                   

I might have a bit of a bias here, but this is a great organization too.  The website's recently been updated.  Check it out.

Coatings By Sandberg:            

LOVE, LOVE them!  I get LOTS of glass from them.  So pretty.  One of these days I'm going to try the dichroic tiles in my kitchen backsplash.  Will cost a small fortune, but it needs to be done.

Melt Glass Art Supply:              

4 words - Sheri.Is.The.Bomb!  When you're in Vancouver, and it's Tuesday-Saturday, go over to her store.  


Best wood fired pizza restaurant in downtown Hillsboro, opened by a friend, who happens to also be displaying some of my work - win, win!!  Good food, drinks, live music.

Gayle Ritt:                                 

What can I say about Gayle - we went to college together, caught up again when I moved to Oregon.  Lovely.  Go hear her sing with Mike at Pizzario, or at any one of the multitudes of venues across Oregon.  

Pizzario First Anniversary..

Pizzario First Anniversary..