Brand new site, brand new blog...


I've been working tonight on this site, as well as a myriad of other things.  Getting ready for a couple of weekend markets.  Glass Guild duties. Updating my inventory list since I dropped off a whole bunch of it at the Cultural Arts Center yesterday.  Crazy, crazy days.  My kiln has been running pretty much nonstop for the last couple of weeks, and it's still not enough!!   Sigh,  If only I didn't have to sleep, or work during the day.  But, until such a time as those things aren't a necessity - onward.

I've changed my web editor to another location due to frustration with maintaining the other one - LONG story.  This one meets my needs for now.  I'm sure as times change this one will change as well.  I got a whole lot of super advice from the web developer extraordinaire, Greg Robinson, which I've taken to heart.  Thanks Greg!  I've decided not to take the time to move my old blog  here - would have taken too  much time.  If you want to read up on what I did over the winter with a glass challenge, you can find it at

Anyway,  I just pulled this group out of the kiln today.  Ready to be prepped, photographed and placed in inventory.  Yay - I've got several people asking for Seascapes, my stock is very low.  Who knew it would be such a big seller?  Plus some other really pretty pieces, if I do say so myself!  Most will be at the Scratch Made Market on Saturday, and the Orenco Farmer's Market on Sunday if you want to stop by.

The other big information to mention is that until my domain host gets the change all straightened out, my webpage might be hard to find.  The domain created that will eventually get linked to my old website is  If is down for more than another day or two, try the other one, that one will always work.  Please e-mail me if you run into any trouble.  I'm also still working on the shop page, since my inventory has just changed quite a bit.  I should have it completely updated in the next few days.